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Boiler Heat Shields & Metal Fabrication Products  

Boiler Heat Shields & Metal Fabrication Products

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Tube Shields

Valmet condenser and boiler tube shields are designed to minimize tube failure in highly abrasive or corrosive areas. Our many styles insure that you’ll be able to choose the most appropriate design for your application, providing an inexpensive way to prolong tube life.

Advanced Manufacturing Facilities Mean Fast Response
Tube shields from Valmet are manufactured to exacting standards. Advanced equipment and material handling capabilities permit us to offer the fastest turnaround times anywhere.

Prompt Service: We'll Supply What You Need, When You Need It
Valmet is no newcomer to the field of industrial and utility boilers. Our understanding of and commitment to the steam and power generation business enables us to solve your boiler tube erosion or corrosion problems efficiently. Our technical staff can quickly recommend the proper material type and configuration to meet your needs…and can quote your outage delivery requirements on a same day basis. Over 50% of orders can be shipped within 24 hours.
Laser Cutting Sample Parts

Metal Fabrications

Laser and Plasma Cutting
The pulse of the Fairmont Service Center runs through the fully automated advanced high speed, high accuracy 6-axis 2D/3D Laser and High Definition Plasma cutting machines.

Steel Beveling Services
Our high precision high accuracy 3D laser and torches can bevel the edges of steel parts for weld preparation. Benefits to these services include:
  • Precise and accurate fit-up of welded parts
  • Improved weld penetration
  • More efficient welding performance
  • Higher quality welds
CNC Metal Bending Services
Valmet has a broad range of metal bending capabilities to form various steel shapes and thicknesses ...
Superheater with Overlay

Custom Pressure Parts & Keeler Boiler Parts

Pressure Parts  -  Boiler Parts
Our Lancaster, SC Service Center is a brand new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with capabilities of fabricating most pressure boiler parts such as:
  • Complete boiler retubes on loose tube bending (cold bending and hot size & squeeze)
  • Membrane tube panels with or without openings and gang bends. Materials include carbon, alloy, stainless, composite and Inconel.
  • Complete or partial Superheater and Reheater elements with attachments.
  • Economizer Bundles
  • Generating Banks
  • Tube Swages
  • Tube Shotblasting
  • Dissimilar Metal Welds
  • Straight Tubes
  • Headers
Valmet Power owns the drawings and contract files of Keeler boilers and Replacement Parts
This includes being the owner of all Keeler boiler drawings and contract files for the over 7000 manufactured Keeler boilers. In addition to stocking these standard parts, we fabricate replacement tubes, headers, and casing panels such as:
  • Complete and partial retubes
  • Headers
  • Casing panels and doors
  • Manhole plates and handhole plates with yokes and gaskets
  • Key caps (over 40 different sizes) and key cap pullers
  • Keeler special shape tiles
  • Standard tile and insulation
  • Soot blowers and soot blower elements
 Boiler tubes

Boiler Tubing

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Valmet is a global solutions company you can rely on for the supply of all your boiler tubing requirements. Valmet offers a wide range of stock materials and can also assist you in sourcing nonstandard tubes and special mill orders for larger quantities. Our inventory is strategically located in the Lancaster, SC Service Center where we can also provide a full range of services unparalleled in the industry. Valmet has partnerships with the major domestic tube producing mills as well as international alliances in Europe and Scandinavia.

Industries served:
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Power ...