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Boiler Heat Shields & Metal Fabrication Products > Tube Shields  

Tube Shields

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Custom Straight Shields

Straight Shields are available with angles of wrap between 90° to 240° and can be manufactured with straight ends, belled ends and flared legs. Complete coverage is available by overlapping shields.

Custom Curved Shields

Curved Shields can be manufactured to cover both outside and inside curves of tubing. Angle of wrap and degree of bend is always 180°. Complete coverage is available by overlapping shields.

Custom Economizer Shields

Special design provides effective protection for finned tubes. Economizer Shields can be manufactured to accommodate tube OD, angle of wrap and fin height. Angle of wrap is available between 60° and 240° with fin heights ranging from 1.50” to 2.25".
370 Degree Tube

370° Tube Shields

For “new” shop applications, the 370° Tube Shield allows for complete coverage of tube surface without the need for overlapping two shields. Available in straight lengths only.

Custom Clips

Clips are the recommended method for tube shield attachment. Choose from Bull Style, Wrap Style or Overlap Style.