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Clips are the recommended method for tube shield attachment. Choose from Bull Style, Wrap Style or Overlap Style.
Unit of Measure


Clip Style

N/A Bull Overlap Wrap

Tube Diameter

N/A 0.500" to 5.000" (Tube OD is shield ID) XML

Angle of Wrap

N/A 240º XML


N/A 7 to 24 XML


N/A 304 SS 309 SS 310 SS 316 SS 430 SS Inconel®

Clip Length

N/A Standard is 1" XML

Clip Extension (E)

N/A Bull Style: 0" Standard Overlap Style: 0" Wrap Style: 1/2" Standard XML

Process Information

Welding Certifications

N/A ASME Code Stamps:
  • S: ASME Section 1
  • U: ASME Section VIII
  • R: NBIC Repair of Pressure Vessels
Inspectors CWI certified

Stainless Steel Inventory

N/A Valmet has an extensive inventory in sheet, bar, and welding materials maintained for heat resistant, corrosion resistant, and high temperature alloys. All products are purchased to proprietary customized specifications as well as normal industry standards with supporting documentation. The ability to obtain mill direct pricing and consignment inventory control has enabled our team to provide competitively priced products and control delivery of projects.


N/A Charlotte, NC