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Laser and Plasma Cutting
The pulse of the Fairmont Service Center runs through the fully automated advanced high speed, high accuracy 6-axis 2D/3D Laser and High Definition Plasma cutting machines.

Steel Beveling Services
Our high precision high accuracy 3D laser and torches can bevel the edges of steel parts for weld preparation. Benefits to these services include:
  • Precise and accurate fit-up of welded parts
  • Improved weld penetration
  • More efficient welding performance
  • Higher quality welds
CNC Metal Bending Services
Valmet has a broad range of metal bending capabilities to form various steel shapes and thicknesses ofsteel.
  • Machines ranging from 175 ton to 500 ton
  • CNC fully automated steel bending
  • High precision and quality
Welding Services
Valmet is always prepared to manufacture your customer parts on short notice. Our certified welders can weld and create custom subassemblies of piping, plate and structural parts.
  • Manual Stick Electrode (SMAW)
  • Manual TIG (GTAW)
  • Semi-Automatic MIG (GMAW)
  • Semi-Automatic Fluxcore (FCAW)
  • Mechanized Submerged Arc (SAW)
  • Automatic Stud Welding (SW)
  • Orbital Welding (GTAW)
Unit of Measure
CNC Laser Cutting Mazak Space Gear Laser Machine, Model SG510MK11:
  • 4000 Watts
  • 2D Cutting Capacity:
       Steel: 7/8" x 5' x 10'
       Stainless Steel: 1/2" x 2' x 10'
       Aluminum: 3/8" x 5' x 10'
  • 3D Cutting Capacity: 106" x 46" x 11"
  • CNC Plasma Cutting AKS, Model HPR 260:
  • Thickness:
       Steel: 2 1/4"
       Stainless Steel: 2.00"
       Aluminum: 2.00"
  • Table Size: 6' x 10'
  • Saw Cutting HYD-MECH Horizontal Band Saw, S-20 Series 11: 13" Round Stock, 13" x 18"

    HEM Band Saw with Rolls, H150M: 22" OD, 26" Wide

    Wilton Band Saw, Model 35757: 9" OD, 9" x 12"

    Brilliant Cutoff Saw: 5" Round Stock
    Shearing Capabilities Cincinnati, Model 500 Steel: Material Thickness-1/2", Width- 10'

    Century, Model 2H10 Steel: Material Thickness: 1/4", Width- 10'
    Toolroom Equipment IKEDA Radial Arm Drill Press, Model RM5-9 Iron Worker, 6509-24M, 65 ton RIGID Pipe Threader, Model 535, 2" OD Strippit Hole Punch Press, Suoer 30/4 TIME SAVER, Series 1200
    Plate Rolls Equipment Americor, Model 200/8 Length: 8' Thickness: 3/8" Steel
    Press Brake Equipment
    EquipmentModelTonnageBed Length
    Cincinnati203 CBII 1023010'
    CNC Accurpresss7-175-1017510'
    CNC Accurpress75001250012'
    Tube Bending Equipment
    EquipmentModelRadius/DegreeTube Size
    Pines#2 RH2"-22" C/L Rad, 180°-
    Pines#2 LH2"-22" C/L Rad, 180°-
    Pines#3-4"OD x 0.250"W x 50'L
    Pines#4-6"OD x 0.337"W x 50'L
    Schwarz Wirtz 80 DB Boost Bender-4.5"OD x 0.500"W
    Shaping Equipment
    CincinnatiM41 1/2" to 3 1/2" dia.180
    CincinnatiA-03611 1/2" to 3 1/2" dia.180
    Welding Equipment Delta, Model 451 Delta, Model 452 Linoln TIG Welder, Model 375 Miller, Model 300 Miller, Model 350 Pandjiris Auto Weld Manipulator, Model Double 8 Western Artronics Spot Welder, Model FH-819
    Shot Blasting Econoline, 21" x 27" x 12"
    Stress Relieving Clamshell: 2' 8" x 3' 7" x 14' 10"
    Product Marking Etching, Indenting, Engraving
    Engineering & Design Capabilities Valmet Engineers can design and enter part specifications into SolidWorks allowing them to move from 2D to 3D CAD with ease, ensuring that each steel part is cut to the same exacting specifications and precise dimensions. SolidWorks 3D CAD software allows for accurate 3D models that automate a full range of design and development processes, reducing costs, and improving product quality. This expedites production and increases reliability through use in all of productions CNC and Laser Cutting applications.
    Welding Certifications ASME Code Stamps:
    • S: ASME Section 1
    • U: ASME Section VIII
    • R: NBIC Repair of Pressure Vessels
    Inspectors CWI certified
    Crane Capacity Valmet has the ability to fabricate large weldments with 20 ton crane capacity and 25’ under hook floor clearance.Example products include back-end ductwork on power plants and heavy equipment vortex finders.
    Tooling Inventory Valmet holds a large supply of machine tooling in stock. A broad range of tooling provides for fast and efficient turnaround services to our customers. Please note: Longer lead times are expected with specialty tooling requirements.
    Stainless Steel Inventory Valmet has an extensive inventory in sheet, bar, and welding materials maintained for heat resistant, corrosion resistant, and high temperature alloys. All products are purchased to proprietary customized specifications as well as normal industry standards with supporting documentation. The ability to obtain mill direct pricing and consignment inventory control has enabled our team to provide competitively priced products and control delivery of projects.
    Preferred Drawing Submission PDMS, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CAM Works
    Custom Tube Alignment Bars Over time, expansion, contraction, and vibration associated with soot blowing and general boiler operation can cause misalignment and bowing of tubes in various areas of the convection pass in your boiler. This can leave the tubes susceptible to erosion or corrosion damage, as well as create heat transfer imbalances that are detrimental to the long-term serviceability of these tubes. Improper tube alignment can also contribute to boiler fouling and draft loss, resulting in increased fan power consumption and possibly even boiler down time.

    Tube alignment bars have proven to be a cost effective means of holding misalignment and bowed tubes in their proper position, thus avoiding problems that can adversely affect boiler operation or shorten the service life of the tubing.

    Valmet Power has manufactured tube alignment or “handcuff” assemblies for all types of boilers and boiler environments. Because we are the leading supplier of tube shields for the power industry, our extensive high temperature material inventory and tube radius die sets facilitate production of virtually any handcuff assembly arrangement. This can be done in a timeframe that meets your demanding outage schedules.
    Alignment Bars

    Alignment Bars
    Air Heater Seals Valmet manufactures a complete range of hot and cold end radial, circumferential, bypass, axial, and post sealing assemblies including holding strips and hardware. Our technical library contains the dimensions and specifications for the majority of air heater seals. Periodically, a template or sketch of the seal segment requested is required to ensure exact duplication of the component.

    Air heater seals greatly reduce regenerative leakage, improving heat rate, reducing fan operating cost and reducing gas volume to your pollution control equipment.

    Valmet fabricates exact replacement-in-kind seal assemblies.

    As circumstances and individual customer applications indicate, we will recommend alternate gauge and/or material specifications to reduce leakage, enhance reliability and longevity. We manufacture in Corten, or any grade of stainless steel, including 304, 309, 310, and 316.
    Air Heater Images
    Air Heater Seals

    Axial Seal

    Bypass Seal

    Circumferential Seal

    Radial Seal

    Rotor Post Seal